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A story I wrote was published today, and this makes me feel totally rad

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Update: Connu, the folks behind the publication of “It Is Not Self-Seeking,” recently partnered with the mega online literary library, Scribd. My story was lucky enough to be one of Connu’s most popular titles, and it is now available in fancy e-book format. For the Amazon link, click here. For the Scribd story page, click here. Read about the partnership here.

I wrote a short story titled “It Is Not Self-Seeking,” and it was recently published on Connu, a short story curating app and website. I celebrated by drinking a giganto strawberry milkshake and eating a burrito the size of my head, and I feel like a winner who has made poor diet decisions in the past 24 hours.

But this is really exciting. It’s exciting because it feels legitimate, like I’ve written something that someone liked and thought that other people would like, too. Classmates and coworkers and friends have come up to me and said they enjoyed it — they said that certain lines stuck out to them and lingered. It’s the strangest, most wonderful thing. And that’s from words I wrote for a writing workshop, which came from my Creative Writing classes, which came from my idea that maybe all the reading I’d done throughout my life would be a good thing to pursue in college.

I’m riding on this high right now, like I can look back at this page and stare at my name and know it’s there because I worked at it. I wrote and tore and listened to some trusted peers and tore some more, and felt this tentative surge of confidence when the story felt kind-of-sort-of-maybe-this-is-right. And now it’s here, and I’m proud, and my name is there under the title.

My name! I need another milkshake.

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